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Soil pH (CaCl2) Click Image to enlarge

Soil Colwell P (mg/L) Click Image to enlarge

Soil Colwell K (mg/L) Click Image to enlarge

AgTech Services’ Soil Mapping services can help you identify variability in your soils.

Services include pH mapping, EM38 surveying, Colwell K and Colwell P Mapping. This enables you to get the most out of your inputs by only applying lime, fertilizer and chemical where it is required, and as much as is required.

AgTech Services also provides Yield data processing services. We can cleanup your yield data, post calibrate your yield sensor for any discrepancies during harvest, and clear and prepare your card for the next harvest.

The maps are then easily processed into VR prescription maps, either by us or we can send the data to you or your agronomist.

Soil Maps start from just $7.00/ha

Soil EM38 Shallow depth above, deep below

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